Security is our number one priority

Yoyo Wallet utilises a single-use QR code that changes dynamically even when offline. This ensures your payment details are never exposed.

We are a FCA regulated eMoney Institution. All client funds are held in segregated bank accounts.

All payments are processed by approved tier 1 accredited processors.

Data Security

All data for the Yoyo Wallet platform is hosted in a secure datacenter provided by Amazon Web Services, in secure database instances.

Data is also backed up on a daily basis. We maintain separate database login credentials for development / staging / production environments. No credit card information is ever hosted on our servers.

Pin Code Authentication

A user can choose to lock their device by creating a PIN code or enabling Touch ID. This PIN code or TouchID is required to unlock the Yoyo Wallet every time the user opens up the app.

Transaction Security

We never store your payment details on your phone, in fact we do not send any card information as part of the transaction. Yoyo has developed an ultra secure tokenisation system that generates a single use QR code that constantly changes even when you're offline. This has a number of benefits:

Our tokens (QR codes) change every 30 seconds, even if you're not using them.

QR codes continue to refresh even without connectivity.

Consumers can make purchases without mobile connectivity.