Mobile Payment and Loyalty In One.

Know your customer.
Engage better.
Sell more.

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Know Your Customer. Engage them better. Sell more. Learn more now

We match your customers to their basket data.

Yoyo Wallet integrates with your EPOS system to create fast and secure mobile payments that matches your customers to their basket data. This is the future of retail in a mobile first world - a payment system that enables brands and retailers to answer the big three questions:

Know your customer with Yoyo Wallet.

Know Your Customer

Yoyo matches your customers to what they buy, giving you deeper insights into their profile, preferences and behaviours.

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Know your customer with Yoyo Wallet.

Increase Sales

Knowledge alone is not powerful. With Yoyo Wallet, you can segment customers to your choosing, as well as use our built-in engagement platform to run effective mobile marketing campaigns.

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Know your customer with Yoyo Wallet.

Create Your Own App Experience

Yoyo Wallet also operates as a white label product, meaning you can use our tools and knowledge to empower your own brand experience.

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Yoyo Wallet Features

Yoyo Wallet gives retailers and brands access to their own rewards program, including points, stamp cards and vouchers. It also opens up the world of data insights, segmentations and targeted push notifications.

  • Fast, Secure Payment
  • Vouchers
  • Points
  • Brand Sponsored Offers
  • Bulk Buys
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Stamp Cards
  • Data & Insights
  • Pre Ordering
  • Segmentations

Yoyo Delivering for Business

Cash Savings

£36,000 saved in cash counting efficiencies when Imperial College London moved from cash to Yoyo.

More Profit

20% uplift in revenue at CH&Co
after implementing Yoyo.

Increased Customers

50% of those that took part in the Yoyo/Eastside bar promotion had never been to Eastside bar before.