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More than just payment.

Easy pay, easy go.  Make payments simple and fast on your mobile. - YoYo Wallet

Easy pay, easy go. Make payments simple and fast on your mobile.

Automatically collect points and stamps without the hassle of having to think about it. - YoYo Wallet

Automatically collect points and stamps without the hassle of having to think about it.

Instantly receive vouchers for rewards and in-app purchases. - YoYo Wallet

Instantly receive vouchers for rewards and in-app purchases.

Digital receipts straight to your phone, no fuss. - YoYo Wallet

Digital receipts straight to your phone, no fuss.

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More than just payment

  • Fast payments

  • Collect points

  • Earn rewards

  • Digital receipts

  • Simplicity

  • Ultra secure

Yoyo Rewards

Fast payments

Cash and cards have been around longer than the rolling stones, that is a very long time! Like all good things though, they come to an end (surely). From here on in, you are going cashless.

With Yoyo Wallet you simply connect your debit, credit card or Apple Pay once and then use your mobile to make super fast payments. Now you can always get what you want.

YoYo Rewards

Collect points

There is nothing more annoying than forgetting to collect your points or stamps. We believe that you shouldn’t have to remember anyway. That’s why we automatically collect them for you.

All you need to do is Yoyo. The rest is automation awesomeness.

YoYo Rewards

Earn rewards

With Yoyo Wallet, you get to choose from a variety of rewards that you can redeem using the points you earned on every penny you’ve spent. Plus, you will still get that free coffee when you fill up the stamp card.

Life is meant to be rewarding.

YoYo Rewards

Digital receipts

That moment when a cashier puts the receipt in your hand and your change on top! It’s a recipe for a dropping disaster – now your holding up the queue, thanks. By using Yoyo Wallet you don’t have to be that person and save the environment at the same time.

We only use the finest digital trees for our receipts, which we stick straight in your wallet.

YoYo Rewards


Take a look at your wallet or purse. See how many cards you have in it. Not to mention the cash and coins along with the abundance of paper stamp cards and receipts. Looks bloated, doesn’t it?

Join the Yoyo weight loss programme to lighten the load. Just take your phone and keep everything in one place and gain zero additional wallet weight. Simple.

YoYo Rewards

Ultra secure

We know your personal and financial information is important. That’s why none of your card details are held on your phone or even by Yoyo - they’re held under lock & key by our super secure Payment Service Providers, right where they should be. To process your payments we use a Payment Service Provider called Stripe, who sends us a token that represents your payment details. They’re trusted and used by The Guardian, Twitter, TED, Forbes, Bloomberg, Virgin and more!

Imagine every time you went to use your card it had a different 16 digits (except, that’s Impossible because it is made of plastic)! When paying we send a different token to the one that Stripe provides to represents your payment details, so that’s now a double tokenised system. Yoyo has made paying ultra secure.

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What are our users saying?

5 Stars
"Its easy and very cool to use. My wallet is more sorted out and I get free coffee too once in a while."
Abhishek, Essex
5 Stars
"Yoyo has been a great tool. It 1) saves time 2) collects all rewards in one place 3) the payment has always been 100%..."
Sijia, London
5 Stars
"It’s easy to use and avoids getting lots of coins in change when paying cash."
Raquel, Imperial
5 Stars
"It’s been fast reliable and easy. It also means I don’t have to carry cash (or even my wallet)"
Chris, Hertfordshire
5 Stars
"Seamless, convenient, friendlier than a banking app!"
Alice, London
5 Stars
"Is reliable, fast, convenient and easy to manage."
Ike, Imperial
5 Stars
"The perfect alternative to contactless"
Mike, Bedfordshire
5 Stars
"Very handy. Have already recommended it to colleagues at work."
John Dutney, London
5 Stars
"It is easy, quick and I don’t have to carry my wallet to the cafeteria"
Dominic, Glasgow
5 Stars
"Simple to setup and very simple to use!"
Ian Clark, Bristol
5 Stars
"I think it is a very convenient and easy way to make payments. We use it at our university cafe and I think it..."
Russell, Worcester

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